Samsara – Nirvana

Samsara - Nirvana / Silence


Mundane existence.
All that can be thought.
All that can be heard.
All that can be tasted.
All that can be seen.
All that can be touched.
All that can be said.
All that can be experienced.
All that can be felt.
All that can be conceptualised.
All that can be divided.
Birth, death, rebirth.
All expressions of suffering.

Nirvana is utterly unknowable. All attempts to describe or explain Nirvana must fail because the relative cannot describe or explain the Absolute. Nirvana represents unconditional surrender, a letting go of the world of appearance. There is no point in speculating. I think a Buddhist has no option but to sacrifice the intellect. Although reaching the end of letting go of intellect paradoxically requires the most challenging intellectual effort. Meditation provides a unique tool for this goal. Duality surrounds us; difference defines the world. Duality opens the door to non-duality. Duality is obvious. By logic, if there is duality, there also must be non-duality. Yet the word ‘non-duality’ itself renders an expression, a mere limitation, a samsaric concept. There is only silence. The non-dual – Nirvana = silence.

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