Emptiness and Appearance


History of Western Philosophy


Early Greek Philosophy

First BIG evolutionary picture. The Boundless is the source of everything.

Pre-socratic philosopher lived in Miletus, Ionia. Belongs to the Milesian school. Pupil of Thales. Became master of that school. Anaximenes and possibly Pythagoras were his pupils. He was the first great western mind to have written down his ideas.
Anaximander believed that nature was ruled by laws that could be observed and verified by observation and logic. He looked for a universal principle, a cosmic order. Living things emerged from the sea and progressed to dry land. He believed that were many worlds co-existing simultaneously, alternating between creation and destruction.



“From what source things arise, to that they return of necessity when they are destroyed; for they suffer punishment and make reparation to one another for their injustices according to the order of time.”

Influenced by these:


Influenced these:

Anaximenes, Pythagoras

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BCE c. 610 - c. 546

6th century BCE

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