Buddhism by Numbers 4


NINETEEN Confrontations of The Platform Sutra:

  1. The incorrect and the correct
  2. Ignorance and wisdom
  3. Stupidity and knowledge
  4. Confusion and samadhi
  5. Following the precepts and not following them
  6. Straight and crooked
  7. Real and unreal
  8. Steep and level
  9. Passions and enlightenment, 
  10. Compassion and harm, 
  11. Joy and anger, 
  12. Giving and begrudging, 
  13. Progressing and retrogressing, 
  14. Birth and destruction, 
  15. Permanence and impermanence, 
  16. The Dharmakaya and the physical body, 
  17. The Nirmanakaya and the Sambohogakaya, 
  18. Substance and function, 
  19. Nature and characteristics.

TWENTY Secondary Delusions: spite, deceit, jealousy, lethargy, laziness, non-shame, non-faith, resentment, excitement, concealment, miserliness, haughtiness, harmfulness, distraction, belligerence, dissimulation, forgetfulness, non-embarrassment, non-introspection, non-conscientiousness.


TWENTYONE Taras: Swift and Courageous/heroic, White as the Autumn Moon/Brilliant Like the Moon, Golden Coloured, Crown Jewel of the Tathāgatas/Victorious Crown Jewel, Resounding with Hung, Victor Over the Three Worlds, Destructor who crushes adversaries, Who destroyS mara and bestows excellence, Khadira Forest who grants all wishes, Who dispells sorrow, Who magnetises all beings and dispels their misfortune, Who is the light of auspiciousness and who bestows prosperity, Furrowing Brown who enthrals all,Who is great peace, Who destroys attachment, Who accomplishes bliss, White and victorious, Who burns suffering, Who is the source of attainments, Who perfects all.


TWENTYTWO Phenomenological Faculties: six sensory faculties (eye/vision faculty, ear/hearing faculty, nose/smell faculty, tongue/taste faculty, body/sensibility faculty, mind faculty. Three physical faculties: femininity, masculinity, life or vitality, five feeling faculties, physical pleasure, physical pain, mental joy, mental grief, equanimity. Five spiritual faculties: faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration, wisdom, thinking “I shall know the unknown”, gnosis, one who knows.


TWENTYEIGHT Indian Patriarchs of Zen:
1. Mahakashyapa, 2. Ananda, 3. Shanavasin, 4. Upagupta, 5. Dhitika, 6. Mishaka, 7. Vasumitra, 8. Buddhanandi, 9. Buddhamitra, 10. Parshva, 11. Punyayasha, 12. Anabodhi, 13. Kapimala, 14. Nagarjuna, 15. Kanadeva, 16. Rahulabhadra, 17. Samghanandi, 18. Samghayathata, 19. Kumaralata, 20. Shayata, 21. Vasubandhu, 22. Manorata, 23. Haklenayasha, 24. Simhabodhi, 25. Bashashita, 26. Punyamitra, 27. Prajnadhara, 28. Bodhidharma.


THRIRTYONE Planes of Existence: 1. hell realms. 2. Demon Realm. 3. Animal Realm. 4. Ghost Realm. 5. Human World. 6. Realm of the Four Great Kings. 7. Realm of the 33 Gods. 8. Realm of the Destroyer Gods. 9. Realm of the Contented Gods. 10. Realm of the Gods Who Delight in Creating. 11. Realm of the Gods Who Wield Power Over What Is Created by Others. 12. Realm of the Retinue of Brahmā. 13. Realm of the Ministers of Brahmā. 14. Realm of the Great Brahmā. 15. Realm of the Brahmas of Limited Radiance. 16. Realm of the Brahmas of Measureless Radiance. 17. Realm of the Brahmas of Streaming Radiance. 18. Realm of the Brahmas of Limited Glory. 19. Realm of the Brahmas of Measureless Glory. 20. Realm of the Brahmas Covered in Glory. 21. Realm of the Brahmas of Wide-Open Fruition. 22. Brahma Realm of Perceptionless Beings. 23-27. The Pure Abodes. (23. The Enduring Abode, 24. The Untroubled Abode, 25. The Abode of the Good-Looking, 26. The Abode of the Good-Seeing, 27. The Unsurpassed Abode). 28. The Sphere of Infinite Space. 29. The Sphere of Infinite Consciousness. 30. The Sphere of Nothingness. 31. The Sphere of Neither Perception nor Nonperception.


THIRTY-TWO Major Marks of a Buddha: Level feet, Thousand-spoked wheel sign on feet, Long, slender fingers, Pliant hands and feet, Toes and fingers finely webbed, Full-sized heels, Arched insteps, Thighs like a royal stag, Hands reaching below the knees, Well-retracted male organ, Height and stretch of arms equal, Every hair-root dark colored, Body hair graceful and curly,Golden-hued body, Ten-foot aura around him, Soft, smooth skin, Soles, palms, shoulders, and crown of head well-rounded, Area below armpits well-filled, Lion-shaped body, Body erect and upright, Full, round shoulders, Forty teeth, Teeth white, even, and close, Four canine teeth pure white, Jaw like a lion, Saliva that improves the taste of all food, Tongue long and broad, Voice deep and resonant, Eyes deep blue, Eyelashes like a royal bull, White ūrṇā curl that emits light between eyebrows, Fleshy protuberance on the crown of the head.
THIRTY-TWO Parts of the Body Meditation: hair of the head, hair of the body, nails, teeth, skin, flesh, sinews, bones, bone marrow, kidneys, heart, liver, membranes, spleen, lungs, bowels, entrails, undigested food, excrement, bile, phlegm, pus, blood, sweat, fat, tears, grease, spittle, mucus, oil of the joints, urine, brain.

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